Audio Tech Details

Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids is a live, open-mic reading series, recorded for audio broadcast. This document details our live sound requirements, and explains our recording setup. If you have any questions, please contact Dan by email.

What you supply, what we bring

GRTTWaK travels with the following audio gear:

We require the following from venues:

Live sound

Our live sound reinforcement needs are minimal. We’re single-mic setup.

However, because we often have 15–20 readers on stage in rapid succession, we need an audio tech to ride each reader’s level in real-time. Before the show, our host will prep readers on microphone technique.

Signal from a single Beta 87A is split onstage using the ProMS2. One feed goes directly into GRTTWaK’s recording setup (described above). The other feed (transformer isolated) goes to the house mixer.

For pre-show and intermission music, signal from an iPad (on stage) is sent through the Trim-Two direct box to the mixing console. That’s it.

Many of our readers are not used to being on stage. Monitors often freak them out. We do not require monitors.


All recording is handled by our host (Dan) who remains on stage throughout the show.

Sound check

For most live events, GRTTWaK load-in is at 5:30, with sound check at 6:00. Because readers arrive between 6:30–7:00, it’s especially important that sound check happen on time.