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212: "Mom always said MSN was the devil" (Toronto)

A Jim Carrey obsession, Gulf War analysis from an 11-year-old, and the most intense love letter you’ll ever hear. Recorded live at the Gladstone Hotel Ballroom in Toronto, ON.

211: "Stabbing each other with our insecurities" (Vancouver)

Angry LiveJournal entries, a poem about losing your virginity, and a dead moose carcass. Recorded live at Electric Owl Social Club in Vancouver, BC.

210: "Fires are not nice! Fires hurt!" (Victoria)

Childhood pyrophobia, a sister pact, and a plan to rid the world of nuclear bombs. Recorded live at the Victoria Event Centre in Victoria, BC.

209: "Stupit and dumb and especially ugly" (Hamilton)

Dead hamsters, spin the bottle, and the truth about NYC. Recorded live at the Spice Factory in Hamilton, Ontario.

208: "Backslide into lust" (Calgary)

Passive-aggressive poetry, sex in the 1980s, and a really great first date. Recorded live at Broken City in Calgary, Alberta.