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310: "I would totally date you if I wasn't you" (Saskatoon)

Barry gets a “hard-on” during The Ed Sullivan Show, Katherine weighs the pros and cons of losing her virginity, Danica files a report about the new trend of karaoke, and much more. Recorded live at The Refinery in Saskatoon, SK.

309: "We looked and smelled deadly" (Halifax)

Renee finds herself in an 8th-grade love triangle, Gordon writes short fiction about crime-fighting insects, Sarah confesses to petty crime, and much more. Recorded live at The Company House in Halifax, NS.

308: "Nothing is sexier than teamwork" (Toronto)

Heather and Bianca share dating advice, Josh reads Zelda-themed short fiction, Mary Jean almost gets stood up, and much more. Recorded live at the Tranzac Club in Toronto, ON.

307: "I hugged with girls today" (Winnipeg)

Karleigh threatens the Tooth Fairy, Kaj reads a comic book about giant mutant beavers, Jen writes a letter to the Prime Minister, and much more. Recorded live at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg, MB.

306: "Virginity is like a birthday cake" (Calgary)

Terra compares virginity to a birthday cake, Bradley explains how to find a rock, Mary plans to “bump off” a nun, and much more. Recorded live at Yuk Yuk’s in Calgary, AB.