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222: "A couple of popped-out eyeballs" (Winnipeg)

Plans for revenge, poetry about chicken pox, and and backhanded compliments in the form of career advice. Recorded live at the Kings’s Head Pub in Winnipeg, MB.

221: "Gone are my days of hedonism and mediocrity" (Yellowknife)

Weak bladders, friends of the forest, and a proven strategy for dealing with bullies. Recorded live at the Black Knight Pub in Yellowknife, NT.

220: "We are getting away with murder since you left" (Edmonton)

A report on flying cows, an acrostic poem music video request, and a collection of bizarre elementary school aphorisms. Recorded live at the Mercury Room in Edmonton, AB.

219: "Why is Dad being a bum?" (Calgary)

An elementary school detective agency, teenage infidelity, and an urgent desire to shave your legs. Recorded live at Broken City in Calgary, AB.