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610: "My hormones were flying" (Regina)

Kate writes poems about Prince William, Lynette describes her first kiss, Hannah’s brothers fart in her room, and much more. Recorded live at The Artesian in Regina.

609: "Mom, put on some clothes!" (Calgary)

Hannah asks God an important question, Chris’s brother comes home, Marta loses her virginity, and much more. Recorded live at the Leacock Theatre at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

608: "Puberty has taken her" (Montréal)

Nisha gets drunk, Danielle falls in love on the bus, nobody eats the fish Jonah caught, and much more. Recorded live at La Sala Rossa in Montréal.

607: "Let the devil take my soul" (Winnipeg)

Carley writes a postcard to a famous musician, Rheannon gets her heart broken, Sara shares a moral tale about wishes, and much more. Recorded live at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg.

606: "We all smelled like poo" (Saskatoon)

Kim writes a ransom note, Kurt tells the story of a magic jungle mouse, Julianna falls off a tractor, and much more. Recorded live at The Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon.