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614: "I love oral hygiene" (Fredericton)

Brittany investigates a bank robbery, Mike can’t do yo-yo tricks, Ashley wants to pierce her tongue, and much more. Recorded live at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton.

613: "The Great White North" (Canada Day special 🇨🇦)

To celebrate Canada Day this July 1, it’s a very special episode full of childhood and teenage writing about our home and native land. Letters to Canadian prime ministers, encounters with Canadian wildlife, a harsh introduction to Canadian weather, and much more.

612: "How dirty are you?" (Montréal)

Cora stalks a boy, Jeff puts an unusual spin on a classic children’s story, Eliza learns about personification, and much more. Recorded live at La Sala Rossa in Montréal.

611: "The worst mistake of my whole entire life" (Edmonton)

Anna documents her first kiss, Laura regrets shoplifting, Eloise wants to rid the world of communism, and much more. Recorded live at The Rec Room in Edmonton.

610: "My hormones were flying" (Regina)

Kate writes poems about Prince William, Lynette describes her first kiss, Hannah’s brothers fart in her room, and much more. Recorded live at The Artesian in Regina.